About Fithysique.                                                                                        

Fithysique is a fitness apparel and online retailer based in Canada. The vision is bringing a fitness concept and value to the world.
Fithysique name is combined by with fitness and physique together “fit-hysique”.

Our vision is to help more people who have a dream to achieve a fit and better physique shape. By motivating them, providing good information and value to them and assisting through their dreams together.

Our Core Value 

Family – we are bringing the community together by our athletes, artists and visionaries all
the way across the globe.
Progression – Hong Kong is our starting point to unite people from a community. Our
destination is globalisation. We will expand south-east Asia and China once we continue
pushing our market internationally, thus we will expand to western countries soon. From
a community to nation to global.

Contact Us

Business Enquires: Info@fithysique.com